Glaciers of Kilimanjaro

Gallery: Kilimanjaro 2012

Four years ago today on September 29, 2012, I summited Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, fulfilling a 10+ year dream. In lieu of writing a trip summary 4 years later, I offer a photo gallery of the adventure below. I had been thinking about hiking Kilimanjaro for over 10 years. When I decided it was finally time, it took […]

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Wrap-up & Reflections

As I write this final post about the my first bike tour from Seattle to San Diego, it has been 3.5 months since I finished. I started writing daily posts for the first ~10 days, but I was too exhausted to continue writing daily updates after riding all day. I kept daily notes and planned to […]

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2016-05-19 18.12.38 DSC00442

Bike Touring Gear

Gear lists are often my favorite blog posts to read. Whenever I’m planning a new adventure, whether it’s hiking, cycling, or traveling, I scour the internet reading every gear list I can find. It is interesting to learn not only what others take on similar trips, but also to understand why and how gear ultimately worked […]

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Final Stats

Pacific Coast Bike Tour: Seattle to San Diego Totals Days: 30 cycling days, 1 rest day in San Francisco Distance: 1770 miles Elevation gain: 69k feet Moving time: 160 hours Pedal strokes: 800k (average cadence 85 rpm) Averages Start time: 8:55 AM (earliest: 7:31 AM, latest: 11:26 AM) Finish time: 4:55 PM (earliest: 2:57 PM, […]

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2016-05-15 16.54.50 DSC00381

Day 12 to 15: Into the Redwoods

Day 12: Crescent City to Prairie Creek Redwoods SP, 37 miles Immediately after leaving Crescent City, there was a 1200 ft climb (longest climb so far) into Redwood National and State Parks, followed by an amazing descent back to the coast. Then, it was on to Newton Drury road, which was a spectacular, scenic, and […]

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