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Touring Gear

Gear lists are often my favorite blog posts to read. Whenever I’m planning a new adventure, whether it’s hiking, cycling, or traveling, I scour the internet reading every gear list I can find. It is interesting to learn not only what others take on similar trips, but also to understand why and how gear ultimately worked […]

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TdF: Final Stats

Totals Days: 30 cycling days, 1 rest day in San Francisco Distance: 1770 miles Elevation gain: 69k feet Moving time: 160 hours Pedal strokes: 800k (average cadence 85 rpm) Averages Start time: 8:55 AM (earliest: 7:31 AM, latest: 11:26 AM) Finish time: 4:55 PM (earliest: 2:57 PM, latest: 6:52 PM) Moving time: 5 hours, 20 […]

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TdF Day 9: Honeyman SP to Sunset Bay SP

Distance: 57 miles, Route The past few days had been fantastic, with perfect weather along beautiful coastline. Just as I started wondering how long this would last, today turned out to be a totally different experience. The weather turned cold and gray, though fortunately still no rain so far. The route turned inland, going through sand […]

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TdF Day 8: Beverly Beach to Honeyman SP

Distance: 62 miles, Route I did not get much sleep due to the camp visitor last night. He walked quietly out of camp at 6am, and I decided to get an early start, leaving camp at 7:30am. Today’s ride was entirely along rugged coastline and was spectacular, particularly around Cape Perpetua! It reminded me a […]

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TdF Day 6: Seaside to Cape Lookout

Distance: 62 miles, Route After 1 day and 2 nights of riding and spending time with other cyclists, it was once again time to go solo. Cycling solo provides the independence of how far and ride, when and where to stop, and time to clear your head and enjoy the surroundings. However, I was a […]

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TdF Day 3: Cosmopolis to South Bend

Distance: 64 miles, Route After breakfast with warmshowers host John, I left Cosmopolis at 9:30am. Today’s destination was South Bend. There was the direct route along four-lane Highway 101 and likely a fair amount of traffic or the scenic route, which was double the distance but would provide the first glimpse of the Pacific. I chose the […]

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TdF Day 2: Shelton to Cosmopolis

Distance: 51 miles, Route After an early breakfast at Nita’s in Shelton, I headed towards my next stop of Cosmopolis. The ride was along a very quiet peaceful road with minimal traffic, and complete with horses, deer, and wildflowers. I was even chased by a dog. I stopped for lunch at a deli in Elma, where […]

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TdF Day 1: Seattle to Shelton

Distance: 45 miles, Route The excitement of starting the tour woke me up well before my alarm after just 4 hours of sleep. After a quick breakfast and a walk around my neighborhood to reflect on the imminent adventure, I rolled away from home at 9am towards the downtown ferry terminal to catch the 10am ferry […]

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TdF Day 0: Final Prep

The start date for the bike tour kept pushing out for various reasons/excuses: need more time to train, need more or different gear, wait for a good weather window, wait until aches and pains subside, etc. While some of this was legitimate, some was likely self-induced from the nervousness of taking on a big unknown adventure. […]

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Tour de Faisal (TdF): The Inspiration

I figure there is no better time to start a blog than when starting a new adventure, which I’m calling Tour de Faisal (TdF). About 5 years ago, I drove from Seattle to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast. The coastal scenery and the town was spectacular, as expected, but the thing that really stuck […]

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